Orbán is interested only in cash, not in values. His disregard for values or (to make it sound more proudly) for ethos of Western democracy continues for years and is expressed in many constitutional reforms or a positive evaluation of the model of the political system of modern China. He therefore easily avoids the topic of Ukraine’s right to sovereignty, self-reliance in international politics and territorial integrity.

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Republikon Institute used data available from Eurobarometer to construct three categories among voting-age population in Europe: eurosceptics, who are dissatisfied with Europe; “soft eurooptimists”, who, in general, are comfortable with the depth of European integration, and “federalists”, who would give more power to Brussels. The Institute then looked at the ratio of these categories in different countries – with a special focus on Central Eastern Europe.

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According to The Budapest Times 15th March (national holiday in Hungary commemorating 1848 War of Independence) 2012 will be marked by two demonstrations held in Budapest. One is organized to protest against Viktor Orban’s policy under the title “Let’s wash away the shame”. On the same day supporters of Orban will gather on Kossuth tér for government-sponsored celebrations. On 15th March Budapest will also see a rally of extreme-right Jobbik. More information in The Budapest…