I can imagine left-wing female councilors being able to work with nuns at a community center. Difficult times require extraordinary actions and searching for compromises. I am a huge fan of the slogan “Girls, don’t be so b….. to each other”. It appears to capture our perspective on female rivalry: a dishonorable, uphill battle accompanied by slander, jealousy and guilt-tripping, unjustified lack of forgiveness, and promises of revenge.


In cultural anthropology, among many typologies of social cultures, there is also a division into masculine and feminine cultures. This division results from the difference in characteristics attributed to men and women. The basic difference arises from biology, which determines the role of women and men in the process of procreation.


While the vote-counting in Ukraine continues, it is already clear that President Volodymyr Zelensky has secured the power over legislative and, consequently, executive branches of the government. His political force, the Servant of the People party, has won a landslide victory in the snap parliamentary elections.